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Coat specialist

Reversible garement specialist

High-end woven fur specialist

No animal fabrics

Made on demand

Fully customisable

Made in France

Tell me more about Peter&Serguei

Who are Peter&Serguei?

P&S Peter&Serguei is a ready-to-wear maison for woman first but some guys swipe the coats of their girlfriend.

Free and subversive of spirit, the maison affirms values of liberty, boldness and pugnacity in this clothes. P&S give a great importance to the confidentiality. This is why, even if we are proud to dress some actresses, women entrepreneurs, political women, artists, business leaders and students, we will stay quiet about who wear Peter&Serguei. By the way, those who dress in P&S know to recognize themselves.

Where to find ?

You should have seen the “travels of the ampersand”, see "the map here". P&S Peter&Serguei is exclusively online and we offer a free and worldwide shipping. Orders for Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes and Monaco we offer a personal delivery. Feel free to contact us.

Where is P&S made?

P&S Peter&Serguei is fully made in France from the making, to weaving of the fabrics.
But the question is “why make in France?”. The full answer is in “this article” but in brief because France is the country of values such as human’s rights and liberties. Dear values to P&S.

Also, like this Peter&Serguei is at the crossroad of exceptional know-how and the “haute couture” label.Paris is the meeting point of Milan, London, Berlin, Brussels and Madrid. Midway between Tokyo and LA, New York and Moskow, P&S Peter&Serguei is an international maison based in France.

What about your responsabilities?

We work to draw attention, and mark fashion, but not the earth. Also we work on “chapters” that make us free from the rhythme of “collections”. Like this we can develop the concepts, and pay attention to the details.

The way we sew each piece upon order enable us to make an ultra-customization of your garment and avoid overproduction.
We control the weaving of the fabrics and because our garments are created to go through the time, we have decided to use high end synthetics fibres, cotton in the quantities needed to avoid the over-consumption of water.
In conclusion, we have excluded every fabrics made from animals. Even if the quality of our fur seems real.